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    Love Among the Treetops – Goodreads review

    Love Among the Treetops: A feel good holiday read for summer 2018 by Catherine Ferguson My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is about Twilight, a victim of bullying in school and after, in adult life. She comes back home to save the parents house – her father is in London, he’s ill and he accepted to go in there for treatment – and she opens The Twilight Cafe to earn the money she needs for mortgage arrears. The business didn’t work as expected because Lucy opened a clean food restaurant the same day as The Twilight Cafe and she tried by any means to ruin Twilight’s business. I…

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    We’re fine, thanks!

        Let me speak to you about the funny happenings I am currently going through with my eight-months-old baby boy in the lead role. I just can’t help, I laughed a lot.    I told you at the very beginning that I bought a crib before Robert was born and I put it next to our bed on my side to practice co-sleeping and so it would be easier for me to breastfeed at night. Well, it has easily transformed from 4 months onward into a toy store and occasionally a playpen for Robert. He’s still sleeping next to me since then.

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    Let’s talk (VI)

    Baby’s bath, everyday routine or necessity?   When we attended prenatal classes, we were told that babies do not need a bath on a daily basis, that they are clean anyway. Immediately after birth baby’s skin is generally covered and protected by vernix (mechanical removal of this layer is not recommended) and, if you follow a simple daily routine cleaning, a general bath twice a week is more than enough.

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    Let’s talk (IV)

    About my baby’s sleep    Robert has at least one sleep of 2 hours or so during the day – may be two or even four hours – and I should be used to it already and let it happen, enjoy this time I have for myself. He must be quiet so he can sleep, I cannot do very much work around the house. I would do anything so he can have a good sleep, especially if he had already fallen asleep easily. Every mother knows what I mean.    The midwife told us during the antenatal classes that we do not need to be quiet, that they have known many sounds since…