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Love Among the Treetops – Goodreads review

Love Among the Treetops: A feel good holiday read for summer 2018Love Among the Treetops: A feel good holiday read for summer 2018 by Catherine Ferguson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is about Twilight, a victim of bullying in school and after, in adult life. She comes back home to save the parents house – her father is in London, he’s ill and he accepted to go in there for treatment – and she opens The Twilight Cafe to earn the money she needs for mortgage arrears. The business didn’t work as expected because Lucy opened a clean food restaurant the same day as The Twilight Cafe and she tried by any means to ruin Twilight’s business.

I don’t understand why Lucy was bullying Twilight when they were just children. After all, when Twilight tried to find out the reasons Lucy stated that she is doing all that because she got pregnant with Jason and he asked her to abort. But they were teenagers by then. So, why in the childhood? Maybe because Lucy was a bit jealous, because Twilight had the perfect family and everyone liked her ?

When there wasn’t any hope for Twilight she accepts to open a cafe in the tree house. With a bit of work and extension she did it and it was a real success.

But this book is about friendship and love. Paloma, Twilight’s best friend, wants to find her birth mum. While trying to help Twilight with the cafe opening, she finds out that her mum is dead and she has a half-brother, Theo. Twilight fell in love with Theo, but even if he felt the same, he was afraid to be with her because of his past.

In the end he decided to give their relationship a chance.

I enjoyed reading this book. Took me some time (with the baby), but it definitely felt good!

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