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9 months and 9 more


   My dear little boy, today you theoretically double your age, today you are 9 months (or 274 days). That’s what we, parents, do, up to one year: we’re counting month by month to realize how long it’s been since our lives changed.

   Your trip towards us started about 9 months before we met each other. We were a single being, with two hearts, everything at double. We grew up together. We enjoyed every moment, every move, „good morning” kicks, healthy and full of vitamins breakfast, plenty of milk and plenty of water every day, kilos of watermelon and every now and then a little ice cream and a bit of Coke to make us feel better and you blossomed beautifully.

   I sit and look behind and I feel like all these happened yesterday. It was as if yesterday the muscular cramps were bothering me in the middle of the night, or I could barely put on my socks, the slippers were easy to fit. It’s like yesterday we were walking around the hospital lobby and I was just waiting to meet you. As though yesterday I left the hospital after a cry because you did not like to wear the hat and I needed strategies to put you in the car seat (you didn’t like sitting in there at first). You had a strong personality even before you were born.

   I miss the baby that was sleeping on my belly, sometimes for several hours, holding tightly on my shirt, to make sure I won’t leave and who used to wake up immediately when touching the cold mattress. I would fall asleep with you, and I would feel you when you wake up. Now you won’t sleep like that anymore, just stay for a few seconds and I find myself counting them and enjoying the moment. You’re too busy exploring, even at night.

   But I’m proud of the one you’ve become: you know how to roll, you know how to sit by yourself, you express yourself if you see something interesting around you using various sounds, you laugh when we video call family to see them, you get up with greater ease. You’ve practiced all these in your own time when you felt ready.

   You already have 5 teeth and I feel that others are coming soon. You wake up very often and the nights seem so agitated and long … Days aren’t too good either now. Weaning isn’t so bad at this stage, I finally managed to find baby recipes that you prefer, more and more often you’re eating all I have cooked for you. You’re making noise when your dad eats fruits next to you and he does not give you. I mean you’re eating well and you easily accept new foods. You are the ideal child, the best we could have.


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