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We’re fine, thanks!


    Let me speak to you about the funny happenings I am currently going through with my eight-months-old baby boy in the lead role. I just can’t help, I laughed a lot.

   I told you at the very beginning that I bought a crib before Robert was born and I put it next to our bed on my side to practice co-sleeping and so it would be easier for me to breastfeed at night. Well, it has easily transformed from 4 months onward into a toy store and occasionally a playpen for Robert. He’s still sleeping next to me since then.

   I usually leave him in the morning, it helps him sleep for a few more hours. The cot looks safe from his perspective (not for sleep), so he has a habit and is hurrying to him when he wakes up in the morning. I was very surprised when, on the first day this happened, I heard in the monitor (which I always wear around the house) the star that started singing, which I knew it’s far from him. Obviously, Robert had turned it on and so I found out he knew how to use it. It’s his favorite singing toy since he was a newborn.

   This morning he went to another level. What did he think? „Here’s a phone, I’ll call to see what Dad does at work and tell him I’m alone in the room.” But I do not understand how he managed to call him (the phone is locked at all times and the only methods of unlocking are password or touch ID), to work quietly without hearing him. It’s still a mystery to me, and I do not think I’ll find out soon how that happened. Imagine I get a call from my husband and he asks me where am I, tells me that Robert is awake and that he called him but he does not say anything. Do you realize what was in my head, but especially how confused I was? I stayed for a few seconds to analyze the information.

   That’s how it happens, when is next to me the little one just moves around a bit and returns, does not show me exactly what he can do. But behind my back it is as capable as possible. Including ringing from a locked phone. Here’s how you get a kick to get back into reality, to realize that time has passed and the results are being seen. I love his curiosity, I like it when I see that he does everything (it’s probably crawling by now) to get where he wants, I like he goes to the safe side of the bed. I like the fact that he’s very intelligent.

   And the lesson we learned today is that we only have to leave the toys within reach. Nothing more. We’re fine, thank you!

   I’m sure you have happenings at least as funny as ours and I’d love to hear from you. Let’s learn from each other what to expect!


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