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Let’s talk (IV)

About my baby’s sleep

   Robert has at least one sleep of 2 hours or so during the day – may be two or even four hours – and I should be used to it already and let it happen, enjoy this time I have for myself. He must be quiet so he can sleep, I cannot do very much work around the house. I would do anything so he can have a good sleep, especially if he had already fallen asleep easily. Every mother knows what I mean.
   The midwife told us during the antenatal classes that we do not need to be quiet, that they have known many sounds since they were in the womb. Initially it worked, I was sitting next to him as he was sleeping and talking on the phone. But then he got accustomed to quietness, either because we slept together and nothing bothered us at all or because night sleep was taking place in a complete silence, you could only hear the clock.
   Who can understand us, moms? (I know that it’s not only my case). If he does not sleep: „Wait, he needs sleep, why is he sleeping so little?” If he sleeps: „he was asleep for too long, it’s time to wake up!”. So there are moments when I wake him up, when I think he slept enough. Like any parent, I have some questions: When is too much or too little sleep? What does that mean? When is a change necessary? Where to cut and where to add? When should I worry?
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   I searched for information everywhere. The first time I asked the pediatrician, just one day after he was born. He then responded to me, he asked me if I had a long labor and told me that they are born fatigued, because they also actively participate in everything that means coming to the world, so they need sleep and sleep very much in the early days. So it was, I could hardly keep him awake, see his eyes, talk to him, feed him.

   Everything changed thereafter. That was followed by months in which, at least during the day, he hadn’t any sleep for longer than 30 minutes. I was worried then, because even the „microbe” of permanent searching for answers can eventually become your enemy. Just give a quick search on Google and the articles on the profile sites appear like mushrooms after the rain. They only said that a baby of his or her age should sleep at least four hours during the day, not more than 90 minutes awake, have three sleeps during the day, etc. There was also the public health nurse with reinforcements to what I already knew from what I read. The stress that little sleep could affect him? It was there, one more concern.
    The nights were good, the majority. In the first part of the night he used to sleep for five hours, then woke up at least every two hours. To the question „is he sleeping at night?” I was happy to answer „yes, he sleeps pretty well, I cannot complain!”. It’s not the case anymore.
   The present looks like this: he wakes up at least every hour, not necessarily hungry, in the morning the sleep after 5 is the sweetest, he sleeps until 10-11, even 12 if I let him. During the day if I’m lucky he sleeps at least 2 hours in a row. No matter how much I’m going to do calculations, I do not get more than 12 hours of sleep out of 24. The specialist in the field recommends about 14-15 hours. Now we are dealing with the pain associated to teething and I know from my experience that the pain is more acute at night. But how long will we keep it that way?
   Here are some of the tips and recommendations for a good sleep:
  • follow a sleep routine: you can give him a bath, sing a song, play quietly, read a story. I give him a bath every evening, especially since we started weaning. You never know where the food is stored 😅 And we wash our teeth. By the way, did you know that since the first tooth appears we have to wash baby’s teeth? If they are not cared they can affect the final ones. A soft brush and water are enough. Toothpaste is not recommended until 2 years of age minimum or until he learns to spit.Then a pea sized toothpaste can be used. Returning to the sleep routine, it works but not without a feed. That means that I’m the only one who can put him to sleep.
  • use a sleep schedule. What can I say? It does not work at all. Especially since he likes to sit down, even if it seems the right time for sleep he doesn’t sleep whatever I’m doing. He wants to get up. He does anything to make me realize I’m not on the right track.
  • encourage him to fall sleep on his own. That’s what I did sometimes, leaving the room. I found him sleeping and visibly disturbed by the fact that I have returned. He’s going to sleep if I let him, but that does not help him during the night. He uses his finger, he doesn’t accept pacifiers. That’s how he relaxes.
  • try to put him to sleep early, that could help him sleep more soundly at night. I can not really do that, if he were to fall asleep at 8:30, he would not spend time with his father at all, and there’s already a little time to spend together.
   I don’t know how long this period will last. The teething is for about two years. Will we be sleep deprived for such a long period? I have no idea if I can do anything to change the present, so I simply let the days pass. Maybe tomorrow will be better! 😉
About baby sleep and I have written here as well.
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