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Let’s talk: about IT and Gadgets (I)

How I have developed my passion for IT

  I’ve always been attracted to technology. I remember that in second grade I was enrolled in a computer class at our school and I think this was one of the classes I wanted to go to the most. Imagine that I was learning commands in CMD at that age, year ’96. Okay, I played some games too. I do not remember why I gave up, probably wasn’t my fault. I think that’s when I opened my appetite for IT and gadgets.

  I have not forgotten this passion, so after visits in the eighth grade to the high schools in our town, I applied for IT profile admissions. I was admitted to a high school 2 kilometers outside the town, a distance I often walked on. Even if it was a bus, I preferred to avoid it, it was a special run for the commuters who were working at a factory near the high school and they often complained that the bus was full of students. They even made written complaints. In addition, in the summer it was very pleasant to walk, we were gathering a larger group and then stopped in the park and time passed so fast, you did not realize it was time to go home. These are moments I miss, just like in the song about the high school period.

I was happy to assist to all my computer classes, teachers were not very likely, probably because of the distance or at that time (2001), computer science was not yet a field that was quite searchable, and those who agreed to come to teach were reading from the book word by word and never put emphasis on practice. This is one of the major disadvantages of the Romanian education system: the emphasis is on the theoretical part and the practice remains somewhat forgotten. I would love to learn programming, in the twelfth grade I had a good teacher, too late for me unfortunately, because I was at the end of the cycle. But I managed to learn the essentials, I prepared myself for the professional qualification, but it was not enough for a college in IT. You can hardly go with little knowledge, there are others who have learned a lot till that point and you can not keep up with them.
That’s why, after many hesitations – you know everyone asks where you want to go to college and I felt some sort of pressure, I was getting confused with so many questions – and after an A at national exam at French, I decided to apply for Foreign Languages, French – English. Thus, in my adult character there’s a strange mix between real and human. On the one hand, my passion for computers and not only, on the other hand is the pleasure of writing.
I owed a computer from 11th grade, I did not know how to use it, I did not have access to the internet either. Hoping that I could learn something in the field, I was in the bookstore and I was drawn to a book about Windows NT. I browsed it a little, it was complex, it had all kinds of information and I decided to buy it. Surprisingly, I did not have the same operating system, and between Windows NT and Windows XP it was a pretty big difference. I was so disappointed that I never broke it.
Sursa imagine: https://www.reuters.com/

Among my most dear gadgets I can easily find the iPhone. The first time I held one in my hand was when I was 24 years old. Until that age I had several phones, starting with a Sony Ericsson bought in the 9th grade, then I signed my first Vodafone subscription just three days of having the legal age to buy, for a Siemens. Technology evolves at a fast pace to stop to one model. I think I owed my first iPhone in 2012, a 3G iPhone, and since then I have stayed at this brand. Among the minuses we saw then was the fact that I could not easily transfer files from my phone to PC or by bluetooth from iPhone to another phone. Then there was the storage. Being passionate about photography, memory is never enough, and the iPhone does not support external memory. It’s hard to live without phone, especially now.

I had almost every iPhone model, followed by 4, and 5s, the latter being the first one directly purchased from Apple, neverlocked, brand new. When I got it in my hand it was perfect. There was nothing I did not like about it. I kept it for 3 years, even now I use it, but nowadays a screen like that seemed to me a bit small. My eyes now thank me. The battery does not resist too much, the percentage drops too fast. 1% in the upper right corner, the biggest nightmare when it comes to my smartphone.
I would not give up the iPhone. When Samsung Galaxy S III was in vogue, I was tempted to buy one. But my husband’s advice, which was very welcome, that he would not give up on the iPhone if he was used to it, because Android is a bit more unstable, made me change my mind. I do not even feel sorry now. I probably would have come back pretty soon to the iPhone. Apple is not what it was, but for me it’s still what I need and what I like. Along with the associated downsides. This is an expensive smartphone, but there are options. You can buy in installments or second-hand at affordable prices.
My laptop, a Dell Latitude E7250, and the iPhone 6s are the most beloved „accessories” I own today.
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