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February 1st, 2018!

   Photography undoubtedly has its place among my hobbies. I love to capture the beauty of the places in pictures, to keep memories of the places I have visited. With me I’m critical, I do not consider myself photogenic and I rarely appear in the pictures. 😅

   Well, I have not traveled a lot so far, but I have an impressive collection of pictures, one more spectacular than the other (here I’m subjective, I like them). I had my first camera in high school, a Canon, then I used the phone, it was a lot more handy.
Today I woke up and I wanted to write. After a sleepless night – I’ve only had a 2 hours’ sleep after 4 am – I retreated slightly from bedroom, usually I can’t sleep in the morning, I took my laptop and I started browsing articles on the internet. Lately, I’m focusing on baby raising techniques. I do have a little more time, usually in the morning, and I want to make the most of it and adapt it to my current needs.
That’s how my first blog post appeared today. The second is motivated by the scenery that I found when I looked out the window. I’ll leave you a sample, two pictures. View from the bedroom and front of the house, today, February 1st, 2018. 😍 Sunshine, cold, green and everything that they may suggest.
𝕽 🖋

© Rox, 2018
© Rox, 2018

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