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Letter to my son


  My dear little boy, today you’re 200 days old. I enjoyed every moment since you came into our lives, I love your wonderful smile and sleeping through the night seems unreachable.

  Two nights ago you didn’t want to sleep at all, you hardly fell asleep for 5 minutes, and another 50 in an hour you wanted to sit down. I allowed you to do so as I didn’t have other options, without knowing exactly what was happening, I thought it might be a new milestone for you. It passed, at least in the morning you slept quietly for several hours even though I couldn’t sleep anymore.

  But last night, you were overwhelmed by the smell of lavender and chamomile emanated by the plug bought especially for you – combined with eucalyptus vapors to help you breathe easily – and we both slept so well that I didn’t remember a thing. I woke up when I heard you sigh in your sleep, perhaps your dream wasn’t nice, I kissed your fluffy cheek and you woke up frightened searching for milk and reassurance. You still sleep in your favorite position, you’re a tummy sleeper.

  Now I let you sleep like that, I’m not changing your position. I just sit down and listen to you in the monitor. You’re a big boy now and you can raise your head if you need to, you haven’t learned yet to make a complete rolling, you can’t turn on your back.

  Today we can talk about sleep, I fell rested after last night. All the other nights with disgust and excitement seem to disappear when I see your gorgeous smile, your colorful laugh wins detached in front of any challenge of motherhood.

  I adored you, I adore you and I will always adore you, Robert!

Mommy 🙂 🖋

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