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A stormy night

  Since I stay at home with Robert I didn’t care too much about the weather. Ireland is a very rainy country, in the four years since we are here, we have experienced extreme weather. It seems to me that the umbrella can’t help you, I have broken so many, some of them very strong, that I’ve lost the count. I prefer, however, to always have one with me, in case I need it, it’ll take over from the „impact”. The weather can be very changing, the clouds are passing with a phenomenal speed due to strong currents and the list can go on. There’s a saying: „Don’t you like Ireland’s weather? Wait for 5 minutes! It can surprise you.”

  As a commuter – to get to work I take the bus from the nearest town and travel for about 30 minutes – it is quite difficult. From the bus station I have to go back about 1.5 km – I met very few nice drivers in the two-years commute, who would stop in their way as they don’t interfere with anyone at 7:30 in the morning. This was my biggest nightmare on the nights when I heard the wind blowing out the window and prayed for it to pass until morning.

  During the day, when the weather is nice, it’s a pleasure to go for such a long walk (approx 3 km), having one in the morning is also refreshing, but beware of bad weather. Imagine a winter with 14 storms, they simply competed against each other. That was two years ago.

  That’s why you’d better have a car in Ireland. And, of course, a driving licence. I hope next time I won’t wait for an appointment for so many months. It’s been 30 weeks and it’s pretty much the same in my pregnancy until the exam itself. Obviously, I wasn’t fit and hormones were at their best. Only a miracle would have helped me pass the driving test. 

  Now we meet Georgina – yes, every storm has a name – among its „qualities” you can notice, of course, the strong wind, especially on the west coast of Ireland, 55-65 km / h which can reach up to 120 km / hr in bursts, and these are frequent enough. She’s been here for a few hours, without breaks and without any reservations.

  I hope you’ll leave soon, Georgina! You’re too noisy, you’re disturbing my baby’s sound sleep. And you give me cold creeps when I remember that I met others like you before and I felt them deep inside.

Rox 🖋

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