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Let’s talk (II)

The wonderful universe of books

  I want to write today about a dear subject to me: reading. I do not remember many things from my first years in school, I can’t say if this passion for books has always existed, the first book I have in mind is „Fram, the Polar Bear”. I like to receive books as a gift, I’m like a child getting his favorite toy. Probably studying Foreign Languages in college wasn’t by accident.

  Reading is essential for vocabulary enrichment. I adore the smell of a newly printed book, when I open it for the first time. I also have Kindle for e-books but it’s not the same. I used it a lot during my hospital visits in  pregnancy.

  I’ve recently seen a campaign that encourages us to read to children from a very young age, when the brain is undergoing a period of rapid development, even promoting the idea of ​​reading to them before they’re even born.

  When Robert was 3 months old I thought for the first time that I could read to him. I didn’t know of any recommendations for this young age, I’ve been searching for a while. That’s how I found Bianca Mereuţă on Facebook, her „What We Read to our Children” and a group of parents, always ready to share their experiences. It fascinated me, I found the perfect place to document myself when I was looking for children books.

  I still have a child soul, that will never grow up. I love animated movies and I watch them with interest. If I would have to choose from several categories I wouldn’t think twice. And the better is yet to come! Robert is here, I hope he’ll like animations as least as much as I do.

  What happens to us when we enter the wonderful universe of books? I identify myself with the character, I feel the action and I enjoy every drop of it. I only need a quiet place, to be by myself and imagine that I live in the story. Were you ever so focused on reading that you couldn’t hear anything around you? That happened to me and I liked it.

  I’ve already begun to collect books, we have a generous and ever-growing collection, I can’t wait to enjoy them together with Robert. So far he is more interested in their texture and taste.

  What means reading to me? It’s like a good coffee, although I don’t drink coffee, but I pamper myself every morning with a cup of Irish black tea and milk. I’m not even leaving without it on holidays. Now it’s hard to find a moment of silence for reading, when you’re a mom.

  Tell me, what books have you read lately?

Rox 🖋

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