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  The last year brought many changes in my life. Because I’m born in January, I try to remember what happened since the very beginning of 2017. 

  I remember that on January 1st I started work at as early as 8 AM, so the New Year’s Eve passed almost unnoticed, I just know I wasn’t awake at midnight. I was 12 weeks pregnant back then, and I was looking forward to going to the first more detailed ultrasound, I had one at 8 weeks on December 1, 2016, Romania’s National Day, but it was very short and it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t have a clue to observe something at a small embryo. The appointment to the hospital was on January 3rd. I was nervous.

  On the screen of the ultrasound machine, Robert, at that time a miniature baby, 7.5 cm long, fully-formed, was rising his hands to kick, as if he knew someone was watching him. Now his features were well outlined. I could not see anything around me, I was watching the monitor because I did not want to miss anything.

  Then we had our one month holiday in Romania in April. We were just waiting to go and see him again at the ultrasound, this time we found out he’s a boy.

  The doctor laughed when I told her that I had a feeling that he might be a boy and she said to me that this is very common. But I really felt that and I wasn’t wrong. We didn’t have any preference, being fine was all that mattered. The return flight was a little awkward, but there were no major problems. I was getting bigger and the visits to the hospital were weekly in the end, I didn’t like them anymore.

   My pregnancy belly was huge, I could see nothing because of it and had a lot of activity indoors, especially at night, but I liked it, I tried to be positive even though sometimes I couldn’t do a simple thing, I knew it would pass and I would be missing that wonderful period. Then Robert came into our lives, exactly the day he was due. Since then he’s got my time and my attention and as a mother for the first time the start was pretty tough. 

  Today, just before turning 31, I was with Robert at the doctor for the 6-months immunization, he’s a big boy now, didn’t cry too much. I think we’ll have a few more difficult days, but they will pass and we will go back to better feelings. 

  As I look back at the way I spent my last year I can say it was the most beautiful year of my entire life. 


Welcome, Birthday! You have found me richer and more fulfilled than a year ago because in the meantime one of my most beautiful dreams has become reality: that’s being a mother!


Rox 🙂 🖋

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Bună! Mă bucur că eşti aici. Eu sunt Rox şi locuiesc împreună cu familia în Irlanda. Sper că ai găsit ce căutai! ;)

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