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What to choose between WIX and Blogger?

From WIX to Blogger

Pros and Cons. Why I wanted to transfer my blog

  I’ll start with WIX. When I thought about writing a blog after a quick search on Google, their site was listed as the first option and because of the lack of time I chose them. At first glance, the features they offer are attractive. 

  Some of the advantages include: customizable emails, I juggled a little with them, and then … Surprise: Here comes the first thing I didn’t like – only 3 emails were free for the current month, the new post notifications being subsequently created and sent manually by me from the Yahoo email application. If you want more, you pay. Of course, if you only have 3 posts in a month, this does not affect you. I did not even search too much among their options, that’s right. I might be wrong, give it a try.

  Another pro is the page arrangement (layout) by drag and drop method. I found a theme and I started personalizing it accordingly and with the elements I liked, without needing too much knowledge in IT (HTML). It is mobile friendly, you can edit and optimize the mobile version separately from the desktop version, you can hide the items on the page, the two versions can be completely different if you want. I really liked this feature. You can not write or edit the blog from the mobile version, I would have liked to be able to write new posts from mobile, I’m using my smartphone more than my laptop, it’s a lot more discreet when I have Robert beside me, sleeping. Even the tablet is useless. I wrote my posts in a draft on my phone and then transferred them to my blog. Not ideal though! In poor internet conditions and as I added blog posts, the loading is becoming slower and I was barely able to switch from page to page, at least in the mobile version.

  Then I thought I’d like to go back to Blogger, the platform I’ve used years ago and which seems pretty simple and accessible to me, even for beginners, as long as you use a preset template. I quickly moved the articles, I did not have too many, because I decided all of a sudden after the first three posts. The new blog loads much faster, both desktop and mobile. To give it a more personal look you still need a few knowledge in HTML I guess, it’s not as easy customizable as WIX. It’s mobile friendly too, the interface is simple and it seems quite important to be so in a period when the smartphone has outstripped the voice call function. Blogger allows you to post by email and you can either choose to publish it immediately or save it for later. I find it a very useful feature. Also, blog editor can be accessed from mobile, they say it is not developed for IOS (more specifically for their Safari browser), but I haven’t had any problems so far.

  On Blogger I use Feed Burner to send notifications, I can set a 2-hour window to send newsletters if there are new posts, but unfortunately you can only send one per day. I do not have the time to write more than one article a day, so I do not mind this setting.

  For several days, I posted in parallel on both platforms, and my conclusion was that Blogger currently fits me best.

  So we will meet here! I’m waiting for you, with a cup of coffee and a lot of thoughts to be shared.


Rox 🙂

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