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Today’s thoughts


  Based on the idea that it would be boring if all days would be similar I realize that today is one of those days when nothing comes out. Robert is upset and moody since morning, probably because of teething. Would be great if he could say what upsets him. This is some kind of a real detective work and you have to be patient and calm. I barely managed to prepare his food and he was not even interested.

  We bought last evening a 360 trainer cup for his water, he didn’t want to use the sipper cup, I used a teaspoon for a few days and I do not want him to get used to drink water like that. He doesn’t cooperate in any way, he doesn’t accept the new one at all. I quit, I don’t want to force him. I hope it’ll be better next time. I’m trying to stay calm. I know no day resembles to another, so I’m waiting for it to pass.

  Weather isn’t nice either. It’s quite cold, the wind is amplifying the sensation. In terms of cold we are still pretty good compared to Romania, the wind is very strong here, sometimes you just feel you can not walk against it, it has an extraordinary force. If I’m not wrong, in the four years since we came to Ireland the highest predicted speed I heard about was 160 km/h. I’ve also seen a snowing attempt today, was more like a frozen rain. Now I can see tiny flakes and it’s very dark as in early morning. That’s winter here.



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