Let’s talk (I)


What determined me to write again

  It’s Monday morning. A new week is about to begin. It’s still early, it’s quiet, I can only hear the wood burning in the stove and every now and then a car passing on the street. Robert is asleep. The two lower teeth that appeared early enough – when he was 5 months old I first spotted a tooth on his gum – I think they are followed by the top ones, we’ve had a rather agitated night with cries until late in night, it seems like his ear upsets him too.

  He is fascinated by the lamp that’s above the bed, it has a warm light. He reminds me of my childhood, we could not wait for Saturdays, wake up without having to go anywhere, even if it was day, we were pulling the blinds and lighting the lamp. I never understood why, but it gave me a feeling of comfort and that felt nice for me. I’ve always been a productive person at night. There is also a driving lesson for night time and fitted me perfectly, during that period days were still short enough and the instructor was pleasantly surprised to see how well I did. I am like a „night owl”, I was born at night, shortly after 24 o’clock, in a gloomy night of January. In the morning I usually am not my best version, I always loved sleep and that’s the sweetest at dawn. Even Robert agrees with me, if I do not bother him and he is not hungry he wakes up at 10 or even 12. Since I became a mother I sleep when I can.

  I know I’ve said it before, but I love to write, when it’s quiet and I’m with myself, I feel almost instantly the desire to write. It’s like a medicine for the soul, I feel free. I love to read as well, I have rediscovered the children’s books since I have Robert because I read to him too. I have a very rich imagination, even when you start speaking to me I capture every detail, I don’t miss anything.

  This is not my first blog, I’ve had another one in 2010, with another niche and written in specific conditions. I apparently wrote it for a purpose, and after I achieved it, I gave it up, although it is still published, I am „browsing” it from time to time. When we were at school in the early grades, the teacher wanted us to keep a vocabulary to write beautiful expressions that we find in the books we read and use them later in the essays that we had to do as homework. Beautiful times, all my childhood memories are beautiful, no matter if we talk about school or about the various games that we all played in front of the house when our parents called us for sleep. I think I would love to write down my childhood memories, most of all for sharing. During my childhood everything was beautiful and the children knew how to play. The bigger the gang, the nicer it was.

  To figure out the circumstances we are in now, I’m telling you that we live in a village in Ireland, very quiet, if we wouldn’t be next to a national road you’d say we’re in the middle of the forest. It’s nice here, more than 2 years ago when we were looking for a house to rent – it’s very hard to find houses in this area, and those already available have extremely expensive rents, as if you can find money on all roads – we found this one. Ireland is always green, regardless of the season. I think that’s the only thing that attracts me. We have a big garden behind the house, some 14 dwarf apples of various kinds and full of apples when it’s their time. Behind the garden there is a narrow road, it’s no longer in use for a long time, and next to it, in a valley, flows the river that crosses the village. Birds are always singing, but in the morning in the silence of dawn, you can hear the most beautiful nature sounds. I remember when we went to see the front of the house the view was wonderful. The only downside here is that you can’t really go anywhere unless you have a car. Available bus towards the smallest city in the area is only on weekends, one a day, you leave in the morning, come back in the afternoon. So I’m a little isolated.

  Now Robert keeps me busy almost all the time, we have all sort of daily activities, we laugh a lot. I feel the need to speak to someone or be listened. Someone who understands me. I could not stand without my phone, the internet it’s like the best invention for me. I can keep in touch with all my dear ones. I speak to Robert constantly, I think you need to talk to a child, even to explain what you are doing, so he will develop his vocabulary and will be easy when he starts talking. Hello, reader, you did not accidentally come to my blog, most likely I called you, maybe I felt you would enjoy browsing my blog posts, whether the circumstances we are in are similar or not. It’s alright to write for myself, but that’s not my purpose. I want to share with you, you can post comments or send me your feedback, I accept critics too, they help personal development.

  I am grateful for everything I have and at the end of the day I have the satisfaction that it has not passed in vain. No matter how hard it is when you’re away from home, it’s the only chance to build something in Romania. I hope we will ever get back home and things go better, although I can’t predict anything good for the future. I want to get back to where I spent the most beautiful years of my life because there’s no place like home.

  Until then, I will send you greetings from Ireland!

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