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Special post – Down Syndrome


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   I want to make some space today on my blog to write about one of the most important person in my life that has marked my existence in a very pleasant way. She’s one of my sisters, Georgiana – Andreea, a very happy girl, who enjoys all the simple things, no matter if that’s a mobile call from time to time or the listening of a song from her favorite artist.

  I was only 4 years old when she came into our lives, bringing with her an extra chromosome. Yes, she has Down Syndrome and nothing could predict that at the time. I don’t even think anything would have changed if my parents would have known. I always wanted to write about this subject, but I couldn’t find the courage to do so until now. And no, not because of the prejudices, I don’t care what others believe about her or about the illness in general. It does not affect us. I remember as if it were yesterday when my mother, expecting her, tried to prepare me for the change. „If she’s a little girl, we’ll buy a dress for you once, and once for her. If he’s a boy, we’ll just buy one for you.” Awesome. I do not remember many things, I’m sorry we forget them. But the essential will always be there. Now I am a mother too and I can imagine that my parents had been through tough times because of her disability. Even though for us she has always been and will be a normal person with a special need, affection. She is a cheerful girl, she attended for 9 years the courses of the Special School in Roman. She did not learn like everyone else but for her that experience had a great impact. She grew up nicely.

  How do we see this disease from within? People with DS (Down Syndrome) have the specific face look, mongoloid eyes. They primarily have a growth delay, manifested mostly psychologically, they do not think like a person of their own age. That does not mean you have to underestimate them. Depending on the environment in which they grew up you can be surprised by the agility and replies you don’t expect. 

  In most cases they need a companion, more or less, they can’t be on their own. They like routine. They are organized in their own way, they like to have privacy, they do not accept changes in their room, maybe only if you are lucky. They are warm people, they read your soul and they always interact with good people. They are not false, they are very sensitive, you can easily hurt their feelings. At school, at a Christmas celebration, the teacher tried to give the poetry she had given her before to someone else. She was so upset that she never accepted any other poetry.

  They have the sense of humor, they’re joking if you do not mess with their sensitive points. They are social, at least so is Georgiana, she could spend hours talking about topics of interest to her. She knows how to have fun, no matter where she is, whether she’s in her room or at the concert, while playing her favorite singer, Margaret Clipa, she’s happy, she’s just dancing. They are empathetic and emotional. Georgiana assisted the baptism of our little boy, who cried almost all the time and I surprised her crying too. Above all, they are loyal people. I have noticed, in most of them, a tendency towards obesity, perhaps something in their genetic code affects them. I liked to study about Down Syndrome, I learned both in genetics, in high school and in the psycho-pedagogical course pack. In conclusion (I would not finish an article about her in a lifetime) I’d like to say that we are lucky to have her in our family and I am sure that I am not the only one. We have a lot to learn from her. 

  Love them! They are unique and gorgeous. And honest.

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